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Baldwin Dampening System imrove quality and waste levels at Furness Newspaper


Baldwin Dampening System imrove quality and waste levels at Furness Newspaper

Furness Newspapers is investing in Baldwin World spray bars to improve waste levels and consistency of performance of its Solna D400 press. The 48 World spray bars will be delivered to the Barrow-in-Furness site during December and will replace another manufacturer’s spray dampening system, which was fitted to the Solna when the press was installed in 2002.

“We needed to improve the quality and consistency of spray dampening on the Solna D400 but also to reduce the amount of dampening solution being applied,” says operations manager Guy Forester. “I had dealt with Baldwin while working at previous newspaper plants and always had a high regard for its equipment and service.

“When I contacted the company I discovered that Baldwin had recently replaced identical spray bars with its World system on a Solna D400 at a newspaper printing site in Latvia. It was exactly the change that we were thinking of making and so we travelled to Latvia to speak to the printer and see the results for ourselves. Even though the newspaper had only been running the World spray bars for about six weeks they were so delighted with the outcome that we were convinced there and then that this was the right decision.

“A key factor in our decision is Baldwin’s Constant C, which maintains clear and unblocked nozzles throughout the print run. It was obvious by examining the spray bars at the Latvian site that Contact C kept dirt and ink fly out of the nozzles, which is an on-going problem for any spray dampening system, including the system we are replacing.”

John Leek heads the UK operation for Baldwin. “Baldwin has been involved in the design, manufacture and installation of spray dampening systems for more than 30 years, which has placed the company in a unique position in respect to this technology,” says Mr Leek. “We are increasingly being called upon to replace systems that have either been fitted at the time of the press installation or at a later date. This is generally a straightforward process, which we carry out to suit press production schedules, keeping any disruption to the absolute minimum.”

Titles printed on the Solna D400 by Furness Newspapers include its own North West Evening Mail, which has a circulation of 21,000 and The Advertiser (42,000). However, the company also produces a wide range of other weekly and monthly titles on a contract print basis these range from supplement work, to high quality quarter fold publications with varying template sizes. The six four-high tower Solna press can produce a product range from 4pp - 48pp tabloid pages in colour in one pass, although Ferag drum inserting equipment at the site enables this figure to be greatly increased.