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Baldwin Leads the Way in Advanced Water Treatment and Filtration


Baldwin includes industry-leading solutions for processing and filtering untreated water within its Fluid and Temperature Systems product range.

Since the 1970s, Baldwin has set the bar for dampening solution preparation with a range of innovations. At the centre of its Fluid and Temperature Systems are functions such as mixing/ preparation, recycling and refrigeration of the dampening water, which Baldwin has developed to suit the differing requirements of sheet-fed, commercial web, newspaper and semi commercial markets. Baldwin also provides water preparation and filtration products, which give customer-specific solutions for highly automated dampening solution management.

From untreated water to dampening solution
Dampening solution characteristics depend significantly on the water, which can represent more than 90% of the total solution. Mains water is affected by a range of variables and can fluctuate severely in terms of quality. Preparation changes the mains water into a constant factor, which is then brought up to the standard required for printing. For this reason, Baldwin offers compact reverse osmosis equipment, which pre-filters the water, desalinates (demineralises) and largely sterilises it. For water preparation and filtration requirements on bigger scales, Baldwin offers complete solutions based on transverse current filtration technology in partnership with FALK GmbH, Westerburg (Germany).

After desalination, the water is adjusted to a medium level of hardness, optimal for offset litho printing. Baldwin’s dampening water systems achieve this highly efficiently, as well as controlling additives, alcohol or alcohol substitute. Baldwin’s BasicLiner range covers the entire press spectrum of the sheet-fed and commercial web markets. At drupa 2008, Baldwin will be presenting a new, technically and visually upgraded generation of BasicLiner range (see separate press release).

Also new at Drupa 2008 are the patented CombiLiner systems, which incorporate combi refrigeration units for the preparation of the dampening solution and control of ink temperature for use in sheet-fed and commercial web applications. With their new drives and ingenious reverse cooling concept, the new CombiLiner-E and CombiLiner-FC models can achieve a huge reduction in energy usage and costs (see separate press release).

Good management should include precise formulation and subsequent tracking of used dampening solution. Where alcohol is used, continuous monitoring and, if required, subsequent dosing, is essential. Baldwin also offers the option of the IpaSonic measuring and dosing system, which monitors alcohol content via highly accurate ultrasound measuring technology.

Filtration turns dampening solutions into long-distance runners
With alcohol-free or reduced alcohol offset printing and also with the growing demands to increase the active life of the dampening solution, efficient filtration is ever more important. Long-term use of dampening solution is only possible if paper fibres, coating elements, ink particles, dust, powder and other impurities are continually removed. Effective filtration stabilises the dampening solution process parameter, increases its useful life and reduces costs.

Baldwin provides dampening solution conservation, cleaning and waste disposal solutions for a huge range of press needs, with versions suitable for a variety of budgets. All Baldwin filtration systems work using bypass flow filters: they draw their supply from the dampening water system reservoir, clean the dampening solution and carry it back into the reservoir. Where a change of filter is necessary, for some cycles with certain types of Baldwin systems, press minders can do this while the press is running.

Baldwin’s simplest solution for sheet-fed application is the Primary filtration system. Using two special filters, this product removes the larger particles of pollutant. The high delivery rate of the inbuilt pumps ensures repeated filtration of the entire dampening solution every hour.

For more complex sheet-fed applications, Baldwin offers the Performance filtration system. To clean the dampening solution, this system uses stacks of different filter discs, which create an extremely large active surface area and ensure that the filter elements last a long time. In addition to the above pollutants, the Baldwin Performance filtration system also removes a proportion of micro-organisms and washing products. The dampening water additive and alcohol content remain unaffected by the filtration process.

The LongLife C system, developed from a strategic partnership with FALK GmbH, achieves the maximum increase of the active life of the dampening solution in commercial web, newspaper and semi commercial printing. This system employs transverse current filtration technology, using special low-maintenance ceramic filters. A bi-product of optimal dampening solution cleaning is a concentrated form of residue, which is collected in a tank. Because residues are so low, less effort and cost are involved in waste disposal.

LongLife D is a complementary system for cleaning the routine quantities of residue concentrate from one or more LongLife C systems (or transverse current filtration systems in the case of other manufacturers). LongLife D employs a physicochemical splitting process, which turns pollutants into small quantities of solids that are easy to dispose of.

Today, Baldwin offers the global printing industry, which has been the focus of the company for 90 years, a comprehensive and varied programme of solutions for dampening solution management. With its Fluid and Temperature Systems product and system offerings, Baldwin helps to make the daily life of the offset litho printer easier.