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World-leading in process automation and enhancement equipment for plastic film extrusion

We offer a broad range of groundbreaking innovations and expertise focused on excellent print results, safe working environment and increased economic and environmental production efficiency so that you can maximize your production Quality, Productivity and Efficiency with reduced Energy consumption. Baldwin will showcase its FilmCylinderCleaning systems, Corona surface treatment, Rotor Spray and Hot Air Drying technologies in booth C53, hall 4.

Excellent Chill Cylinder Cleaning

The FilmCylinderCleaner is a highly efficient solution for automatically cleaning of cast and chill cylinders in film and sheet extrusion processes.

The system allows film extrusion specialists to ensure films are of the highest quality, by consistently and completely removing deposits and other contaminants from the surfaces of cast and/or chill cylinders that cause imperfections and defects.

Additionally, automatic cleaning can be performed during runs, which hugely minimizes downtime and maximizes throughput on film extrusion lines, while eliminating material waste - and without any safety risks for your staff.

Corona Surface Treatment

The Corona surface treatment systems from Ahlbrandt – A Baldwin Technology Company, are highly energy efficient and tailor-made for each type of surface finishing. 

Featured with high-performance electrodes, the systems ensure effective surface finishing with enhanced ink and glue adhesion, giving you the perfect print and laminating results.

The slim design enables easy integration and retrofit into most areas of label and narrow web lines, and the cassette rail system allows for fast and easy service. Electrodes can be changed in just a few seconds and cleaning can be performed in a few minutes, maximizing your production uptime.

Rotor Spray

The even and precise Ahlbrandt Rotor Spray coating technologies secure a plastic film quality with long term anti-fog properties and release for demolding thermoformed parts. 

The sytems utilize a non-contact application technology that saves both on chemistry and energy consumption.

Unlike other processes, there is no harm to any recycling of the finished film.

Hot Air Drying

Ahlbrandt –  A Baldwin Technology Company provides high-efficiency Hot Air Dryer solutions specially designed for drying of plastic films at low temperature and at high production speed.

These dryers are industry’s most efficient solutions to achieve drying at top speeds and always with maximum edge-to-edge evenness.

LED UV Curing

AMS Spectral UV – A Baldwin Technology Company’s LED-UV technology is perfect for printing on plastics – this low-temperature curing process can be used on thin, heat-sensitive films of all types.

Additionally, the company’s LED curing systems do not produce ozone as a byproduct like conventional UV systems do, which make them the more eco-friendly solution for curing inks and coatings as part of production processes.


XO Series™ and  XP-I Series™ LED-UV modules are the most advanced in the world. They offer unmatched reliability, extreme flexibility, and secure curing at unbeatable speeds. For printers and converters, they provide the ability to cure inks and coatings on a host of substrates, from micro-thin shrink films to corrugated materials, cardboard, paper and metal.
LED-UV Blades™  offer a new generation of UV LED power and control for the Flexo and Digital Narrow Web industry.

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