Baldwin Spray Applicator

Sustainable textile finishing saving water, chemistry, energy and time


Unique Spray technology brings numerous features 

Baldwin Spray Applicator is designed to increase the productivity in Nonwoven and Textile finishing industry. Equally suitable for wet-on-wet as for wet-on-dry applications, this state-of-the-art spray technology brings numerous benefits compared to conventional ways of applying finishing chemistry; substantial cost savings, small environmental footprint, reduced downtime and a healthier working environment. 

Reduced chemistry and water increases production capacity

Since the Spray Applicator reduces the amount of chemistry and water applied, it will save precious recourses as well as the amount of energy required for drying the textile after treatment. This allows for major energy savings - and if the process allows, increased production capacity.

Changing chemistry in less than 5 minutes

Thanks to the unique spray technology, changeover times can be significantly reduced. In traditional application methods, the change may take 15-30 minutes. Baldwin Spray Applicator is able to perform the same change in less than 5 minutes. With multiple changes a day, hours of valuable production time can be saved - every day. 



Sustainable textile finishing

The reduced consumption of energy, water and chemistry will help develop your business in a sustainable direction. Baldwin Spray Applicator is adopted to meet the industry’s high demands for reduced environmental footprint. 

The actual amount of water and chemistry applied can be significantly reduced by this more controlled spray application technology. Additionally, the contactless application method enables for more flexibility, fewer production steps and more uptime.”
Per Stenflo, Product Line Spray, Baldwin Technology

Improved working environment

Thanks to the completely sealed applicator chamber in Baldwin Spray Applicator, no aerosols will escape and you will avoid putting your staffs' health at risk.


Spray Applicator reduced downtime by up to 50%

By installing the Spray Applicator from Baldwin, a customer producing high-end laminated fabrics for extreme sports wear, gained 50% more uptime in their stenter.

Before the installation, there was a heavily time-consuming four-step process; dipping the outer fabric in water-repellent chemistry, semi drying, laminating and finally activating in gas dryer. After the Baldwin Spray Applicator had been installed, the complete process became a lot faster and with fewer production steps:

  • Laminating
  • Spraying the outer surface with water-repellent chemistry
  • Drying and activating in one go

The Baldwin Spray Appplicator increased pruduction efficincy conciderably. Saving time equals increased productivity and in the end higher profitability for the customer.




Customer voice

" We have truly benefitted from the installation of the Baldwin Spray Applicator and made substantial savings on quality cost and increased productivity. On the laminated products we have been able to free up to 50% of the time in the stenter line, which has increased production time and eliminated a bottle neck in our process.

For cost and environmental reasons, we are also very happy about the savings on chemistry that the flexibility of the system has provided. Today we change chemistry in 2-5 minutes, a process that before would take 30 minutes."

Elisabetta Gaspari, General Manager, Vagotex



  S dot   Reduced chemistry and water usage, up to 50% 

  S dot   Reduced changeover times, up to 85% 

  S dot   Reduced chemistry waste, up to 99% 

  S dot   Reduced energy consumption 

  S dot   Improved working environment 

  S dot   Increased production flexibility

Customers have reported substantial savings on finishing chemistry. The result depends on the application and process conditions. Contact Baldwin for an estimation based on your speciffic requirements. 


For more information, contact

Per Stenflo
Vice President Product Line Spray

Phone: +46 709 76 95 96