Why invest in Baldwin PureFiltration ECM?


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One of the today's biggest challenges manufacturers are facing are the environmental aspects of the business. The production processes are often old and wasting vast amounts of energy and chemistry. Today, there is a global and growing awareness of environmental care and the savings of precious natural resources. This global commitment will lead to tougher environmental legislation.
Baldwin's recently developed PureFiltration ECM system which achieves a constant clean electrolyte by increasing the process efficiency, surface quality of the components, the reduction of loss of electrolyte by increasing significantly the ECM production capacity

This system's design is based on ultrafiltration technology, creating a highly effective filtration performance (< 0,1 microns), ultimately improving the overall manufacturing process and the capacity of the production and concurrently safeguards the environment.
The PureFiltration ECM system is recommended for every all industry sectors that have a need to improve the overall performance of the ECM process. Baldwin offers the PureFiltration ECM in a compact size for small ECM machines, as well for high output ECM machines as single filtration system or centralized filtration unit for several ECM machines.

All Baldwin PureFiltraiton systems are fully automatic units with self-cleaning cycles, which need no manpower and minimum of maintenance.  
It makes sense for your business. And it makes sense for the environment.

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Please connect with us at the Deburring Expo, October 8-10, Karlsruhe 2019 and/or ask for a quotation.